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Fullscreen Woes

So far, I love this game. However, I would prefer to play the game fullscreen. Currently the game is rendered with a widescreen ratio (either 16:9 or 16:10), but my current monitor has a ratio of 4:3. If I play the game in fullscreen, it's squished and looks horrible, so I'm forced to play it windowed. Is there a way to play it fullscreen with letterboxing?
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You should be able to set your GPU to do the scaling.
I have a Radeon 5870 and in Catalyst Control Center under Properties in "My Digital Flat-Panels" there's the option to maintain aspect ratio.

If you're using an nVidia GPU, I'm sure there's an option to do something similar.
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My game automatically scaled it to 5:4...
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Having the same issue myself, the aaspect ratio is distorted on my 5:4 monitor and I'd like to play it fullscreen letterboxed so it has the correct aspect ratio so things don't looked stretched

I don't have that option in my CCC Lital mentioned either for some reason.
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I ended up playing it in a window because I can't stand distorted graphics. Playing it at a corrected aspect ratio in fullscreen would have been preferable.
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