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What would be the the crazy/most favorite thing you done in multiwinia?

title explains everything.

for me i had planted a dark forest on the big tree in the center of the map "The Holy Tree" and the big tree turned dark with the rest of em

the forest itself got VERY big..... until i bombed the thing that is.
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I'd say that it would be in a game of assault (and I was attacking(but I forget the map name)) when I set up two officers to command all reinforcements that arrived to go into two remote corners of the map. Right when I was about to go and destroy the dishes that held it up (there were 5 in all, but the other 2 were right next to the WMD), I divided one huge stock of multiwinians up into three parts, and I kept the other intact to use later.

I sent the three squads to go and storm the dishes, and that was a huge success. Now, the WMD itself was the most guarded, 'cause now all the greens had just retreated into the front of the WMD. Believe, it was PACKED.

Now, this is where I use my giant brigade of soldiers that I had saved up. I sent all of these guys in straight into the WMD.

All Hell broke loose. Little laser pistol ammo was flying everywhere, grenades were eating up the place... it was epic.

The green turrets were just spamming gunfire, but were eventually taken out by a couple (about 20) soldiers that went in and took them over. That facilitated our task, 'cause then we could actually kill off the rest of the defense and storm the remaining two dishes.

Needless to say, I won. But just that final push was a hell of a lot of fun.
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