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if this didnt work..heres a cure

I tried this and unfortunately it didnt work for me. However i did find a solution. You need to add two files - masterserver.vdf and masterserver2.vdf to your

you can download the files from this link. (you may need to save the link to the 1st one if it doesnt go the normal save file window.)


This finally worked for me..hope it works for you guys.
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This doesnt't fix the problem for me.
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I have now spent hours trying to solve the low performance when browsing for servers, I have tried both this and another potential fix without success.

The other fix being the one where you replace the MasterServer2.vdf and MasterServers.vdf files in your Steam\Config folder with two custom ones provided here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_...1452-HCVB-6984

I have also tried a few minor tweaks in the Homefront configs, but yet again without any success. So now I'm out of ideas, well, except for this last idea being that one of you who had success with this fix could upload and provide a link for your serverbrowser_hist.vdf file, it would be most appreciated.

If there are any other ideas as to what might fix this performance issue, do feel free to enlighten me for at this point I'll take just about anything that might just work.

Just to be clear, I followed the instructions to the dot, when I do things I do things right. Sure, something is obviously wrong, but I can assure you that it is not my comprehension nor is it my perception.
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I had troubles with this too. While I tried multiple things here with no success (who know, maybe multiple things were needed in combination to get it to work), the distinct solution for me was to turn off the firewall in my router.

A shame that it acted so oddly, my first attempt at multiplayer was normal. I played several rounds and only quite because of the lack of time for messing in the Armory. After spending several minutes offline in the Armory I returned and could no longer browser servers (actually it would always fetch at least 1 real result, with no ping info).
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