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CPU Usage Issue

This game is quite excellent but I've noticed a bit of a bug, I would think anyway.

The game is very resource friendly UNLESS you're like me and prefer playing things in windowed mode. This is fine and dandy as well, but the game itself is in an always-on-top mode and refuses to allow windows in front of it. So to see anything behind its window you're forced to minimize it and this is where the error comes in.

As soon as the game is minimized it goes from perhaps 2-5% of my dual core's CPU usage to taking an entire 2.2ghz core. I'm not sure why it does this but it may be worth looking into.

Thanks for taking a look at this if you get the chance.

[Edit: Also, I've noticed that when the game gets minimized without pausing, that round takes 0:00 time. That may be helpful information.]

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Interesting. Thank you for noting this.

Brian KramerSubsoap
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I'm experiencing very strange slowdowns in some levels both in fullscreen and windowed mode, ASUS Eee PC mini notebook. CPU @ 50%, setting higher priority doesn't help. Normally the game runs fine.
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