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Arrow Faerie Solitaire Mobile is FREE today only!

We wanted to see what would happen if we made the game free for a few days! So far there have been a lot of downloads, but also a bunch of "fake" looking reviews which say things like "It's nice" or "Very good" but then give the game a bad rating. I suspect these are bot accounts which build up credibility rating random apps and then rate their owner's apps highly. Oh well... nothing I can help.

Please download and play FSM! This version is still not as feature complete as the version on Steam, but it does have newer graphical assets and a different style of menus. It will eventually get to feature parity with FS and then at some point have more content and features than FS. At some point its desktop version will get on Steam as a separate game and everyone who owns FS will get it free.

Get FSM for Free: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/faeri...592?mt=8&ls=1#

Brian KramerSubsoap
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