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No brightness control, config.cfg is encrypted. Forget this.

Seriously, how hard is it to take COD4 engine and NOT mess it up?

I have dry eye syndrome and I cannot fiddle with monitor settings every time I want to run a dark game. I set up Powerstrip to fiddle with Nvidia's brightness on driver level, but this game won't let it kick in.

And it doesn't even have windowed mode.

That's some quality piece of engineering right there. Complete waste of money and bandwidth.
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2 syllabs:

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Treyarch basically Made CoD what it is to day. CoD3 is a lot more like MW1 then CoD 2 was. A completely different game imo. I have never played QoS but I have to say Activision is really pushing these guys hard. 2 games a year at the point of the release is crazy. I would like so see you try and make one game in a years time let alone two. Most likely this game was push to the side for CoD 5. Treyarch also made Black Ops which imo is the best of the new series of CoD(post COD3). Sorry I know not many people will read or care for that matter but give them some credit.
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