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Question Myst games bought in stores

Question. Are these games offered by Steam the same games we all bought years ago ? For example, I have Myst 10th anniversary pack.
That has Riven and Exile in it as well. Unfortunately, I have a new computer now, with Win 7, and I can't get the games to play on it without crashing. If I buy the Steam versions and do all the fixes, am I not buying what I already have ? Or are these "different " versions ? Help !
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Same versions. If you want a version that works on modern computers you will need another game service. One that offers old games that are good. ;-)
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And what that might be ? Can you help ? I confess I have always loved the Myst games , I wish Cyan would release them for Win 7.
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Don't know if you are still around, Sheila, but he meant 'Good Old Games'.

Their versions all run on Windows 7. Riven needed a 'tweak' on both machines I ran it on which, rather unhelpfully, I can't now remember, but I had no trouble with realMyst (which makes Myst Masterpiece redundant anyway). Uru is also fine (although check out the free online version if you weren't aware of it).

I've run an original release copy of Exile on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with no issues, so your problem with it might be related to a specific piece of hardware rather than the O/S. Myst 4 and 5 were fine as well.
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myst masterpiece, realMyst, Riven, URU complete chronicles and Manhole: masterpiece are all 50% off for the weekend at GOG.com

they're $3 each completely drm free (URU is $5)

All of them are listed as being compatible with windows 7 32 and 64 bit except realMyst but I haven't had any problems with it so far...
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