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Arrow This is an AMAZING game, but I have a little question about the user settings...

...namely about the "user_settings" config file. I've been doing a tad bit of snooping around, admittedly , and I mainly wanted to ask about these settings:

render_settings = {
	fxaa_enabled = true
	g_tessellation = 1
	g_tessellation_detail = 1
	g_tessellation_tri_size = 8
	lighting = true
	nv_dof = false
	shadow_map_size = [
Regarding the tessellation settings, are those the highest possible settings? If not, what's the highest I could set them to? Btw, I have a video card that is capable of handling a lot of tessellation, so you need not worry about that part.

Lastly, I'm assuming "nv_dof" is NVIDIA's Depth of View - is that a good assumption to make? I noticed while looking in the game's folder that there was a Physx install in one of the sub-folders. Is the DOF the only NVIDIA feature that's on this game? I'm just wondering, because if not, I'd like to know how to enable all of the features; the game looks amazing as it is, but I know I'll love having the DOF on.
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The Bitsquid tech, which Hamilton's Great Adventure i built upon, supports both Nvidia DOF and realtime tesselation. The game itself doesn't implement any of those features though so changing those setting won't actually change anything in the game. The user_config file will look almost the same for all Bitsquid tech games even though some won't implement all features specified. The reason for specifying things that doesn't exist in a game is just to make it easier to parse the file.

I hope that answers your question and thanks for the kind words =).
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Yeah, I sort of figured that out after trying to experiment with the settings and whatnot shortly after the post. This game looks incredible though, and as a matter of fact, I like to post screen shots of this game on an online forum when I get the chance to!!! You can click here to check them out!!! Hope you like them.
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