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Using that utility, it looks like my network card drivers seem to be the culprit. They are up to date though. That said, why should it make a difference? I don't mean that rudely or anything, I'm just curious. I don't have issues with any other programs, games or not.
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DPC Background Info:

Windows Performance Analysis Toolkit:

One of the tools in there will show you what apps/processes/drivers are requesting what and will help you to determine where the issues are coming from.

Also, some DPC latency issues can be caused by a poor/faulty BIOS. Have you checked to make sure you are running the latest BIOS for your motherboard?
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BIOS up to date. Video card drivers up to date. Uninstalled and then reinstalled network card drivers. No dice. Same issue. Seeing as I formatted and reinstalled windows less than a month ago when installing windows 7, I don't see myself wanting to do that again at the moment. Hell, to be honest I don't have the time. It's getting to be crunch time at school.
For kicks, I tried running it under windows xp sp3 compatibility mode, and I couldn't even start it. Steam would just tell me the game was unavailable. As soon as I turned off compatibility mode it would start again, but grind to a halt when trying to race.
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This game worked fine for me until it updated something a little while ago, at which point it became completely unplayable since I'd get about three frames per minute once a race started. My computer is more than up to the task and all my drivers are updated so that's not it.
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I just bought this game and am having the same problem. Restarting did not help. Nor did adding the EXE as an exception to DEP.
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Been a while since I've been here, but whatever...

I formatted and reinstalled last weekend. I saw that there was an update for the game being released, so I decided to reinstall and give it another shot. It now works flawlessly. Silly windows...
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I just tried to run this game for the first time and am experiencing the above issue (unplayable ridiculous framerate of about one screen update every 4 or 5 seconds). I'm running Windows 7 via BootCamp on a 2009-era MacBook with the latest BootCamp drivers; no other games I have installed have any issues at all. (edit: the problem occurs no matter what resolution I use and no matter whether I'm in windowed mode or fullscreen mode).

The yellow spike is me opening the Start menu to get to the snipping tool to create the screenshot (no PrntScrn key).

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My experience

What about if you take a look at it while you start the game?
I'm experiencing the same issues, having a nice and clean laptop with the latest drivers, but the difference is that if I don't rush to play the game (because if I do, the UC rises to a 100%), if I let the UC down a bit, and take my time, I can start a race, no problem, even drive a few seconds. But as soon as the processor gets saturated again, hell breaks loose and I can't get more than a frame per minute.
I've looked at this latency check while playing and it skyrocketed every minute (as a matter of fact, every frame). I can't tell what's going on, but there's sureley trouble with data management on that particular game, since any other game (Steam or not) runs well and smooth.
And I run on Windows 7 x64, like any other guy having issues.
The rest of the specs of my computer won't interest you, I think, since it doesn't seem to be the problem...
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EDIT: problem solved \o/
the fix as either the new vid card driver i installed recently, or my defragging game files.

just bought the game but, sadly, it's unplayable cause it freezes for 1 or 2 seconds every 7 seconds or so. even at the start screen.

rebooting didn't help, neither did adding a key to the Registry as suggested in this thread.

(my pc is a few months old, runs Win 7, and i've played 30-ish other games on it so far without any problems)

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Same here, I used to play the previous version fine, now it has an unplayable frame rate. I've got Win 7 64 bit on an Asus G51J laptop with a GTS 360M graphics card. I'm thinking it might be the latest Nvidia drivers or something. Wouldn't be the first time a driver update fixed one game but broke another.
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The first time I played this game (yesterday) I got no problem. Now the game is unplayable (one frame every 3-4 seconds) and I seriously doubt it's a video card issue since yesterday the game run super-fine... I see this is a two years old-discussion but... any support/help on this?
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