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I lost interest in RO a while back...

...in favour of some other games. I got into Project Reality BF2 in a big way and haven't given Ostfront some love for a long time. I guess I just bored of it slightly and then didn't go back because I started to enjoy other games more.

I've been having these wierd WW2 themed nightmares lately that seem a bit too real. I drifted off to sleep at my PC the other day and dreamed I was actually IN Stalingrad... :S I was attacking the famous grain elevator with a squad of Germans. Smoke and explosions filled the surrounding area and we cowered in a crater as the ground around us is raked by bullets and shrapnel. Suddenly we break for it, one by one we dash across some open ground to the base of the battle worn tower (In my dream it looked exactly like the real grain elevator, I checked it on google afterwards).

We jump through a smashed window and into the building. A dead German soldier greets us but otherwise the floor is empty. We attempt to go through a doorway but the first man is immediately cut down by a Russian machine gun, crying out as he hits the floor. The second man has taken a round to the foot and dives backwards and bandages himself as we cover the other doors. This time we opt to move upwards and the remaining four slowly move up the stairway to the next floor. We hear Russian. A grenade is tossed through the door and its explosion throws dust and debris back through the doorway as we charge in. A surprised rifleman turns around too late as I fire my MP40 into his torso. More gunfire. A Russian officer has burst into the room wildly firing his submachine gun, he is lucky and his bullets hit their mark. My comrades are cut down and I fire back killing the officer. It falls silent again, bar the explosions and distant gunfire. I check my comrades, they are dead. It is also clear that one Russian fell victim to the grenade, he is in pieces around the room.

I hear shouts in Russian and panic. Running for the stairs I go up two floors. I find myself in a dark hallway. Paranoia sets in, I keep quickly turning around at the slightest noise, but all is silent as I walk slowly down the hallway. Ahead I hear footsteps and clanking echo down the hallway, getting louder. Before I can raise my weapon a lone German soldier appears around the corner. He looks relived, he had his weapon ready. I ask him what the situation was and he tells me he was separated from his squad in a firefight and that Russians now block the way he came. We decide to go back the way I came from and we begin to slowly move back down the hallway. Fear and adrenaline has put me at a full state of awareness and every slight noise causes me to jolt and breathe sharply. My comrade seems on edge but more relaxed, I can tell by the state of his weapon and uniform that he is not new to Stalingrad, he looks the real deal. His clothes are dusty, worn and torn and his weapon looks like it lost count of the ammount of Russians it killed a long time ago. Fighting alongside such an old timer raises my confidence, this guy must know what hes doing.

The gunfire below draws closer. The main force must have now moved into the lower floors of the elevator and shouts grow louder aswell as smaller explosions from grenades. But they are no help to us trapped further up. Suddenly Russian shouts echo down the hallway. I grip my weapon tighter and shoulder it. My comrade peers round a corner and then beckons me forward. There are three Russians, two riflemen and a sniper firing down on our men. My friend nods at me and we burst around the corner firing as we move. In seconds the Russians are down, one seems alive for a few moments as he lies on the floor gasping for breath, but he too is soon gone. A bewildered Russian runs in and tries to retirieve the sniper rifle, so we gun him down too and he slumps against the wall.

Suddenly the silence explodes. Gunfire erupts seemingly everywhere. We run for some nearby cover. I fall to the ground and feel a sharp pain. My comrade has made it to cover. I manage to glance in the direction of the gunfire but I see Germans, not Russians. My consciousness fades.

Suddenly I snap back to consciousness. I'm sat at my PC. My screen is asking me where I want to spawn, what the f**k is this? Then I realise two things:
  1. I'm shaking and in a cold sweat.
  2. I now remember why I loved Red Orchestra and my love is renewed. Bring on 13th September.

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1st off. I WANT your dreams. I have actually tried to have lucid dreams (dreams where you are fully conscious and in control of everything you do) about being in WWII. It's something i've always been extremely fascinated in and wanted to experience myself.

2ndly, you are one HELL of a war-story-writer. That was a fantastic recollection of your dream, with great details.

I fully enjoyed this thread and it has made my day a little bit better in reading it. Thank you good sir :]
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the dream i had today involved several generations of zombie vampire jackie chans fighting each other while flying around and smashing each other's heads in

not even kidding

this is the last time i play idolm@ster before going to sleep
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Very nice read!

At first I thought uff Wall of text, but after I read the first paragraph I had to read the rest (and I am not a big fan of reading that much )

You could write a war-novel if you practice a bit
This is a prime example of the immersion factor of RO2! This is exactly why I fell in love with RO1 and Ro2 as well.
TY for sharing this story =)
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Yes. Hell yes.

Also, Project Reality was BADASS.
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I fapped as I read that.

I have no regrets.
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Originally Posted by vahnn View Post
Also, Project Reality was BADASS.
It still is badass
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