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Game questions

Really, I can't believe, that I didn't take notice of AoW 2 and AoW SM when these games were released. But now I have them

After playing the campaign of AoW 2 I started AoW SM. I'm currently in the third campaign with the evil guy, after I did Julia and this nomad Ke-Len.

I guess, I won't be arrogant, if I say to have some insight yet, the more so as I've read through some forums and guides.

Nevertheless, there is some stuff, I can't explain:

1) Archers (and other ranged fighters / machines)
I like archers, especially when I play with elves. But either I have bad luck or there is something weird going on:
My archers hit - perhaps - two times out of ten, even when very close to the enemy, when they are on open land and not on a wall.
The enemy archers hit eight times out of ten, from max distance, even when there are obstacles. I don't have evidence for this, it's just a feeling, so I ask, if someone else noticed this inadequacy.

2) AI
Since HOMM 3 I play this type of game on "normal", because I'm still frustrated (after all these years... lol), when the AI swarmed me from all sides after the second or third turn.
I noticed, that the AI in AoW and AoW SM seems to be very ambivalent:
Sometimes I see troops of highest levels relatively early, just to be confronted with a poor level 1 army in the next scenario.
I never rush, I take my time and hardly end a map under 100 turns. Thus, the AI has always enough time to upgrade towns and build better armies.
Is there an explanation for this strange behaviour?

I hope, someone is still reading this forum and takes some minutes to answer.

Thx in advance!
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1) Well, it could be bad luck but I do think the AI has the advantage. Pretty sure he knows the best place to shoot from and who to shoot to have the highest chance to hit. It also depends on what archers you are using, some have a higher chance to hit than others. You know you can see the chance to hit in the bottom left corner, right?

2) Not sure. Maybe the easier ones have a lower AI setting? I noticed while playing the campaign in AoW2 that the AI setting for wizards differ from map to map. Personally I'm Playing on Easy. I started on Normal and I can manage it but it takes so long and I'm afraid I will get tired of this game. Already happened twice before with Shadow Magic, got as far as the Undead levels.

Here's a question for you: Do you have to do the Special phase missions in AoW2? Or are they just bonus maps?

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