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Colour Blind ? could be a problem

Many games even shooters can be a problem if you are colour blind.
Crysis 2 & APB Reloaded for me causes problems identifying enemies/friendlies.
either you spend a split second to work out if the name above the player is green/red or the background, and i mean a split second the time that should be spent hitting fire being enough to determine whether you die or not, alternatively you just shoot at anything that moves which gives away your position - if you edit files, i assume, punkbuster or vac would ban you.

Puzzle games in particular, Azada comes to mind, a game i realy enjoyed yet couldn't compete due to there being no coliur blind alternative option.

Using shapes, pictures or patterns is the best way but when it comes to this game i think i and many people will be left out, again.

Even if the rays had patterns in them it would help. Or small particles? dots, lines (horizontal/vetical.)

Green, Reds and similar shades are the obvious problematic colours.

I'm suprised many dev's dont realise this.
Anyway just thought i'd bring it up - this game is a prime example.

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