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About the Expansions

Two questions. First, I have Elven Legacy on DVD. Will the steam expansions work?

Second, what do the expansion add? I was disapointed that I couldn't play as the dwarfs as a stand alone faction in random games against the AI or other players.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

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Unfortunately no, the Steam expansions won't work with a retail DVD. The way Steam has it set up, the download of the base game actually includes all expansion content, and buying the expansions themselves are just unlocks. The expansions add new campaigns which emphasize particular combat tactics (siege, ranged attacks, and magic emphasis), and each expansion adds a few new units and new spells and abilities. You can't play dwarven units by themselves in campaign missions because, as the title suggests, the game is all about Elven units. There is a map/scenario editor, which you should have on the DVD, and a few people have played around with it to create additional missions available on fan sites, but I am not personally familiar with fan content for the game.
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