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Is the bashing really necessary, Sweetz?
the bickering between you too is pathetic since it does the entire thread no good.
Whether he's wrong or not is irrelevant. At least he is trying to help the people with the issue.

People come here for help, not to watch two kids bicker about what is right or wrong.
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Originally Posted by L.o.D. View Post
At least he is trying to help the people with the issue.
How, exactly? By saying the game is incompatible with Steam (which is not true) and that people should just give up?

Some help, that.


The only help that can be given is the same help given for every non-universal random crash issue for any game:

•Make sure your drivers are up to date.
•Try disabling background programs.
•Lower the game settings if you're able to.

What else can anyone say based on the little information available? I didn't feel that parroting these generic suggestions that everyone should already know was worthwhile, but I am going to pipe up about bad info that could leading others astray.

It's no help for people to look to Steam for a fix if Steam isn't the cause.


And as far as "bashing", I haven't been calling anyone names, I just said he didn't understand what we was talking about - which is an accurate statement since he doesn't understand how the compatibility tool works or what he was running it on. I could have been a lot less polite about that if I wanted to.

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Update: Finally got a response from Lucasarts and they gave me a potential solution I already tried (that didn't work)
It was the standard shut down nonessential background apps also try an msconfig-selective start up. I basically tried all that before.
-Did a dxdiag to see where my drivers sat
-checked for newer drivers
-tried to launch the game from it's exe instead of through Steam
-Checked the exe's cfg file
-Checked my nvidia setting's for the game. Set to defaults.
Still no luck at this point I know it'll be something really stupid. The classic case of some unchecked box some where.

As for you two STOP! You're both right. Your compatibility test did say what you said it did but Sweetz is right because you test probably has nothing to do with nothing as far as launching the game. If you had any other Steam game and it magically works yet Republic heroes doesn't that would prove it's probably NOT Steam.
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Never said I was right it was just something that came along that didnt make sense thats why I posted it to get a sensible response, not be ridiculed. Thank you JohnnyHavoc for atleast posting something that was somewhat useful though unfortunately unsuccessful. All we can do is hope that there is a solution in the near future.
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This may be a solution for you...but first, read my rant because I think YoBBo may not quite be as 'fly' as he believes.

I read this back and YoBBo, I have to agree with Sweetz, there was no need for that fella, you quite clearly don't know what you are talking about. I run windows 7 and know that you are wrong. Yes the compatibility tool is there but its a well known fact that steam was incompatible with windows vista for a long LONG time, if you 'know what you are talking about' then surely that is something you should know, I don't even run steam and I know that.(Windows 7 uses a similar core kernel to windows vista, many of the changes in vista were carried across but but compatibility is still an issue)
The compatibility tool checks all installed programs for incompatibility and may have found steam to be incompatible whether its running correctly for you or not.

But anyway, I don't really care either way, I just wanted to say that the simplest solution for it not working would be because the recommended system specifications don't have windows 7 on them, its windows XP or vista for a start. Then, because I am so clever and brainy and junk I messed about with all of the compatibility settings, as I have windows 7. I found that it seams to be an issue with the game's integration with "games for windows live", or that is my guess. What I did was tried all of the compatibility options and OS versions and found that they didn't work, so then I moved onto using no OS emulation and turned to the tick box options such as visual themes, Eventually after 10 minutes or so I got the game to load under windows 7 without emulating an earlier system. with the tick box for 'disable visual themes' ticked I started the game and repeatedly tapped the 'home' button to load the games for windows panel, whadayaknow, it worked, the loader appeared and the game loaded. This may not be the same for the steam version but that's just what I did to load it.

I then found the game to be lacking the following things:
- a decent game,
- a game that was true to the holy trilogy,
- a game that was remotely taxing,
- a game that wasn't annoying
- and game that didn't insult every fibre of my being.

on a sidenote (re:the amount the game sucks):
God damn 'skyguy' WTF! get a grip, Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader, he didn't have an annoying mate called whatever the hell it was, who constantly complements the situation you are in inanely.
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Easy fix

There is an easy fix to get this game to run. It seems that if you have a joystick, game controller the game wont start. I had a sidewinder connected, simply removed it and game starts. Seems everyone who had the same issues and got the result. Something so simple that someone simply shared without a load of bull, thanx to HorranCorn. Didnt have to be a tech head, rename, adjust or tamper with anything steam or windows related that even a dumbass like me has a working game thanx to no one here. Give a go guys and good gaming. I hope this game is worth it after all this I bought it for my 6yo.
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error persists even without control

AppName: republic heroes.exe AppVer: ModName: republic heroes.exe
ModVer: Offset: 0034f601

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Originally Posted by YoBBo View Post
To answer your question it was I who posted that on lucasarts site and the evidence is in win7 as its has a compatibilty test that test for issues with programs and the only issue that it states that this game is not compatible with steam.
Very doubtful that its an issue with steam compatibility. Funny how people who dont like steam are quick to blame it for problems it couldnt possibly be at fault for.
It is also not a windows 7 issue, as I am running XP sp3 and have a startup error as well, but mine MAY be slightly different, as I get an error message as well.
I have contacted lucasarts support for a refund and will keep this forum informed of any information I receive.
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Red face Steams fail support

Originally Posted by JohnnyHavoc View Post
Bought the game last week and haven't been able to play. It crashes at launch. Tried uninstalling reinstalling, checked directx, drivers and even tried to exit steam and launch the game from it's exe. No luck but guess what I'm not the only 1. Both the forums here and Lucasarts reveal that the majority persons with this issue bought the game through steam. Store bought retail copies and D2D copies aren't having the same issue.
Ive had the same issue (not the only dead end forum either) and tried to contact support to no avail now reguardless of steams licence agreement that allows them to technically wash their hands of this i reason that they should have at least had the prudence to run it on a couple of test machines themselves before they sold it to the general public and palm the blame off on lucas arts,shows blatent disrespect for thier cleint base not to mention if the blame does rest with lucas arts the more you sell that game steam its your reputation....*cough
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Red face passing blame

Originally Posted by Sweetz View Post
And what evidence did they provide for that, exactly? How do we know that person has any clue what they're talking about?

As far as I've seen, there has been no worthwhile evidence to suggest that the game's crashing is specific to the Steam version and not simply the game itself being buggy.

If more people with Steam are reporting crashing (and that hasn't been verified) then may simply be indicative of more people with Steam being the type to actually post about it.

The fact that some people with Steam CAN run the game ok, and that people with the disc version have experienced the same crashing, suggests the problem is with the game and has nothing to do with Steam.

Most often, only very minimal modifications are made to the Steam versions of games. They basically just put a Steam wrapper on top of retail EXE's without modifying the game code. Now the Steam overlay can interfere with the rendering of some games, but the overlay can be disabled in Steam's options.

Disabling the overlay is worth a try if people haven't already done it.
Its all well and good to leave the matter hanging in limbo then? Steam and lucas arts having their customers pass blame back and forth on their behalf. I only remeber paying money to steam and thats its not in any busineses best intersets to continue to distribute faulty software.I think we have all put enuff money in steams pockets to be the middle man to deserve at least a repairs in progress message.
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Red face and....

Originally Posted by L.o.D. View Post
How is it a steam fail?
They never made the game!
Yet they still continue to sell a faulty product to us
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i had the same problem everyone else here had

then i updater my videocard, and the game runs fine.

and guys...welcome to pc gaming, where crashes, incompatibilities and other things happen. there are millions of hardware/OS combinations, this things are to be expected.

but , of course, the game studio should provide techincal assistence...


BTW, Thefonz, I agree with you 100%.
This game is worst that the Chewbacca Christmas special.
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My copy doesn't work either. Crashes @ launch, along with 4 other games in this SW Collection pack via Steam. Wish I'd never bought it -_-
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