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Crashes on "Waking yer pirates" loading screen

I contacted Steam support about this issue and was told I had to contact the Puzzle Pirate people so this is what I sent to them:
I installed Puzzle Pirates, launched it, the first loading screen completed, then it came to the "Waking yer pirates" loading screen and that's when it crashes (completely closes out).

I've tried uninstalling it and re-installing it and the same issue occurs.

I am using this game via Steam. Their support said I must contact you.

They replied and said:

That does sound like a bit of a problem. We'd probably need a log file of what's happening in the crash in order to check and see what the problem is however.

Could you try loading the client again. If it crashes, look in your Puzzle Pirates installation directory for something like yohoho_###.log (the ### will probably be a number). If you can send that to us, either copied into an e-mail body or as an attachment, we'll see if we can figure out what's up.

The problem is - I can't find any installation directory on my computer and other people I've asked said they think those files are on Steam's server - so now what

Thanks in advance!
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Computer > C : > Program Files > Steam > Steamapps > common

Had the issue before, uninstalled left it for awhile ( over a month at least) reinstalled and still have the same problem. Apparently some people can play it though since they are getting the achievements.
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I also have starting problems when I play on steam. Therefore I decided to launch a new pitate, from the YPPEDIA website. That one can be launched without steam. Works smoothly.

However I regret losing my pirates I created on steam earlier. Almost a year of gameplaying seems lost
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