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Chime 28.8 million video

Hi guys!

I recorded a video. Hopefully some newcomers can gain from tips and keep up the heat on the leaderboards.

Most of my 70 hours has been spent on 3 minute Brazil, but a lot of the techniques of thinking about things can be applied to other stages.

. I like to apply sticks to the edges to fill out the tricky parts as the main blob grows from the top left corner. However this does result in a delay of thought and moving the cursor over to the edge, it seems to be working out well for me so far.

. Maintain a conscious effort on clean edges. (It's hard! but in stage 4 I do a pretty good job of it)

. Don't be afraid to clean up fragments that are about to die. You can often recover! There's a few places where I clean up 4 or 5 separate dying islands right as the sweeper is coming through.

. If you don't have a good spot to place a piece, *don't be afraid* to stick it out of the way and come back to it. A jagged edge is far better than a hole in the middle of solid blocks.

. Weird looking cases can often be solved by the M or U pieces. You'll get the hang of it.

. Keep a mental short list of holes you've left and the pieces needed to fill them. When you get a piece that fits it, you can hop back and drop it

When I first started out, 28.8 million seemed ridiculous. Now, I'm sure you can look at this video and spot all the mistakes and huge hesitations. Oh well. Here's to 50 million!


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I'm now up to a 36.8 high score and can regularly score in the 30M ranges. The challenge now is to be more aggressive. Another video will come soon. Keep up the pressure fellow leaderboarders!
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