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Originally Posted by Nerv322 View Post
...none stand out except for star wars...
yeah SWEAW stands out alright, and not in a good way.
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Originally Posted by RedBrigade View Post
The best game of this sort which I've played is Demigod.
+ rep

NOTHING will ever be better than demigod NOTHING.
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Well, it's free after all.

It would be better if there was 3 initially unlocked beginner immortals, but for free you can't ask for much more.

Of course, if you get much more without asking, that's even better.
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Originally Posted by Nerv322 View Post
I played the game for about 2 seconds and quit. (exaggeration) but it was long enough to know that the game is just weak. there are better moba games out there.

The animations are so cheap with no effort put into them, the game falls down from the word go.

This is just cheap shovelware made by masons to take money from anyone dumb enough to invest money in the game.

If your going to copy a genre you have to out do the game it's copying from or it's just fail. Your trying to capitalize on someone elses idea. Just look at the devs roster of games, all of them are pretty mediocre and none stand out except for star wars, lol.

Go play League of Legends or wait for Dota 2

Don't waste your time and money on this.

Rofl League of Legends is FAR the worst Moba game out there... i play dota and hon and wait for dota2, lol ist just garbage. rise of immortals >>>>>>> league of legends
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I have played exactly one game (plus the tutorial). My first impression, from the moment I loaded the game, to the moment I deleted it from my Steam library, was that it felt like a 15-year old PSX title. The graphics are annoyingly cheap, to the point where it's difficult to really figure out what's happening. The spell effects are far too subtle and I can hardly distinguish a fireball from an autoattack.

The item store is just a bunch of icons with no text, making it very hard to find the right item without clicking on each one to read the description.

There is no post-death recap, so you have no way of knowing what killed you and how to counter it the next time. You make one mistake, you die, and you're left scratching your head wondering what the hell happened while your teammates spew endless insults at you.

I didn't find any way to mute other players. There was this one troll that was just lashing out at everyone on our team, would not shut up, and it was disrupting our efforts to coordinate as he was practically spamming the chat window with insults.

All in all, I give this game a solid ZERO out of five. Universe at War, from the same developer, came out four years ago and plays ten times better than this trainwreck.

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