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Jazz Ad
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I showed the game to my then 8 yo because I thought it looked awesome.
Oh and I bring him to museums too, where most statues and many paintings display naked women.
Even worse, during summer we go to the beach together. Imagine that, a place with naked boobs.
Should one call children services on me?

If you can't make the difference between art and porn, between nudity and erotism, I feel sorry for you.
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Originally Posted by Nova.Titan View Post
The Olympics used to be held in nude during ancient times.
This was also when there weren't any crowds, just the participants. IIRC.

Originally Posted by QuiteJolly View Post
Haha, imagine going into an art gallery and being asked to show your ID because the Venus De Milo statue has her nips out.
If someone's going to an art museum, I'd wager they have a pretty damn good idea of what they're getting into, especially if there's a well-known piece on display. However, previewing a game they know nothing about, it would be generous to have a little heads-up about what content will go on display. (And, yes, if a game is about animated, rotting corpses, I'd think whoever's viewing that would already have a heads-up about what to expect.)

Personally, I'm more eyerolling about the posts here putting down a bit of suggested courtesy on part of game distributors as if the requester or those who would also like a warning/notification have an incensed hatred of anything that usually, in polite company, has clothes on it. And in regards to art, I'd argue that a still-life is a bit "less" than a moving depiction.

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go back to the United States of Puritans.
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I think games should have more nudity, more sex and less violence. What I'm wondering is why was the stuff black in World of Goo? It should've been white.

Regarding The Void, I have to say I just I couldn't get my head around it, nudity or otherwise.

It's not because I'm dumb, impatient or closed to new ideas. I'm a big fan of David Lynch and Andrei Tarkovsy, I love experimental electronic music and studied post-modern art at degree level (and got a First I hasten to add).

I guess because unlike film, music and art I do like games to be fairly straighforward - I like them to follow the conventions of linearity and plot, or at least not be too strange or difficult to understand how to play.

I've played some interesting arthouse games in my time (the first being Deus Ex Machina on the Spectrum 48k in 1986!) but The Void just was too way out there, and I couldn't really get the gist of the different colours, what you were supposed to do with them and the ultimate objectives.

As regards the nudity, it almost hardly registered with me, but thinking about it now I can't really see the point beyond the too obvious application of it to make the game instantly feel 'arty', which is just as tedious and exploitational as adding nudity to make something feel 'sexy'.

After 3 or 4 hours I gave up and uninstalled it. I've thought about giving it another go but have too many more conventional (and fun!) games to play, mostly involving disembowling aliens, mutants and black blobs of goo.

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The argument is not about nudity in games, it is about nudity in a (unrated) game trailer. Sadly America allows horrible violence but not nudity/sexuality in media.

I would argue that nudity does have a place in games (seriously Dragon Age...diapers during love scenes?), but it would be simple courtesy to add an age check to the Steam page. After all, if we don't allow nudity in TV commercials, why should we here? And for all those 18+ (or fake it on Steam age checks), would having that check in place *really* be an issue?
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Go back to church!
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I still don't know why people equate sex and nudity to violence. They are not the same thing. Learn to respect different cultures people. I could care less that Europe thinks that owning a gun and fake video game violence are the most evil thing in the world. Good for them. Their culture. Some cultures, seeing the bottom of someones shoe is a gigantic taboo.

So seriously, shut up about people being offended by nudity, and learn to respect culture.


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Guys, don't feed the troll.
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Originally Posted by TJF588 View Post
Again, nudity is an expected part of life, entrails are not. One is in the realm of "do not want to ruin", the other is in the realm of the "absurd".
Well that depends on a lot of things. Some war veterans would disagree about entrails being "absurd".

What about surgeons or butchers?

The plain fact is that everyone is exposed to nudity before they're exposed to violence. Why, I hear that we may have actually been BORN from a !! Crazy stuff.
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Hm, "absurd" probably isn't the best word. There's a phrase, "Taking refuge in audacity," where one goes so beyond the line that it's unbelievable. If there were boobs the size of pigs and a waist the size of a pencil, I'm not sure if anyone would be able to take it serious, much less be truly affected by it. In the same way, something like masses of exploding zombies is probably so far beyond that there'd have to be some ridiculous detail work for someone to actually feel offended by it (besides the fact that someone made something so outrageous).

But between violence and nudity/sexuality, I think the latter has a much lower "line" to cross, since it's much more personal to many more people than violence (hopefully) is.
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Originally Posted by Aura891 View Post
Because the two boards are stupid? honestly after viewing the video in that trailer you posted i can't for the life of me figure out how any company would rate it 12+, 16+ i can see, but 16+ is still age verification in most cases needed

I'd probably sue PEGI if i had a 13 year old who wanted this game and i bought it for them thinking, hey, 12+, and then saw what it was, that's just ridiculous

And this would be 18+ in America.... there's no doubt about that at all, anything with nudity in it aside from a butt here or there is 18+
Are you American?

Here in ex-soviet countries kids buy Vodka with no problems.
You're having a great life dude!
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Originally Posted by Aura891 View Post
this trailer IS "NSFW"
Yes, and stuff like this should always have a huge NSFW disclaimer.
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Originally Posted by ComradeLenin View Post
If you thought this was bad, wait till you see some gameplay!

It's done for artistic purposes. It's an artistic game. This isn't porn.

If you go to a museum of art do you need age verification to see all the nudes there? Hell no.

It's not like the kids can buy it anyway. They don't have credit cards.

Sold me on this game with that vid lol
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Moronic thread.
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Originally Posted by AusKeg View Post
Sold me on this game with that vid lol

Originally Posted by Aura891 View Post
L4D2 is killing zombies, blowing up heads, causing guts to come out, not nudity, AND is me actually knowing what i am looking at
So you don't know what a naked female is? What's the problem here?

Originally Posted by Aura891 View Post
I'm not saying it's porn i'm saying it's nudity, a butt here or there is fine in a trailer that doesn't bother almost anyone but the most religious nuts lol but i'm sorry boobs popping up here and there on a trailer where there's absolutely no age verification whatsoever nor is there any sort of warning for a rating on the game or etc.
Why are butts fine but not boobs?

Originally Posted by Aura891 View Post
I'm not saying aswell that i have a problem with the game, or that there is nudity in it, i am saying there should be age verification or at the very, very, VERY least a warning before hand, we have computers EVERYWHERE in the world, internet cafe's, schools, work, home, in the living room, parents house, relatives house, etc. etc. etc. and quite honestly i don't want to be at a relatives house, looking at a trailer of a game with no warnings on it, and suddenly, BOOBS! oh wait it was a statue? that's fine, then again BOOBS! not a statue, relatives just so happen to glance at the right time, and wonder wtf i am looking at on their computer, and that's only ONE scenario

this trailer IS "NSFW"
Did this situation actually happen to you? No? Okay, no harm done. Honestly stop being so insecure.
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