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mods help

I am new to stalker i almost beat the game twice but my game would crash and start all over, buts thats not the problem.

I like mods and i was only able to get the lurk and complete mod to work. However i loked at the super mod pack with 150 weapons and that wouldnt work

i also tried to get the arsenal mod seperate from L.U.R.K didnt work there were also another couple mods i tried that havent worked

windows 7 computer capable of playing bf3 on max and Shoc ive seen the same mods for other stalker games so i guess that would be important to mention. Retail cd

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FRESHKIDTEX, you can copy that file to your desktop, edit the copy there, then delete (or rename) the original and move (or copy) the edited one to the STALKER installation directory. But if you were able to run the Complete mod, this is likely already changed for you.

Installing a mod after installing a different mod:

I said this on another forum:
The modern versions of Windows can allow you to make changes to a system that affect only you ("virtual store"), but when you run the game, it uses a different effective user -- that of the installer, and it doesn't know about your recent changes. Think of it like the "All Users" stuff versus your user stuff, like the icons that appear on your desktop that come from different directories on your hard disk.

By default old tech games like STALKER SoC use what is now a protected area (Program Files), and mods go into the same protected installation directory in a subdirectory called gamedata. Modern Windows versions won't let you write directly to that area. They create a shadow copy of the gamedata subdirectory that is related to the user installing the update.

So there is a corresponding gamedata subdirectory on your drive that is normally hidden from your view.

While running as administrator, use Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) to open up the following directory by typing it into the address bar:


In Windows Vista and Windows 7, that should take you to this directory:


where User_name is your login name. (You can also try navigating directly there if you know what your login name is.)

In the VirtualStore folder, find the STALKER-related stuff. Delete or rename the gamedata subdirectory.

Now check ALL the C:\Users\ profiles while running with admin privileges. Other "users" (e.g., custom game installers) can also have STALKER subdirectories like gamedata. Rename or delete each instance of gamedata. Some mods also write to the bin subdirectory, so I'd probably rename all subdirectories under the STALKER directory for the user.

Then you can reinstall [your new custom mod] and try again. If you don't use admin mode to install it, you shouldn't have a problem using it until you install another mod, as noted above.

Note: You might have to unhide hidden directories [via] the Control Panel to see the subdirectories.
One possible way around that is to rename the gamedata subdirectory that was installed by the old mod. Be careful; as noted above some mods also install files to the bin subdirectory and to the root installation directory, and they will need to be removed first. This may mean a STALKER uninstall/clean (erase) remnants/reinstall/patch cycle.

When your game crashes:

When the game crashes, open Notepad or other suitable text editor and paste (ctrl-V) the crash data into a blank document. Otherwise you can look for the crash log (before running the game again) and see what the error is at the end of the file.

The user files are stored on the C: drive by default in the STALKER-SHOC subdirectory. With the retail CD* version of the game that you have, this subdirectory is under \Users\Public\Documents\ in Vista/Windows 7 while in XP this is found in \Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\. You can also access this directory by entering %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Documents\STALKER-SHOC in the Windows Explorer address bar.

The latest error log, called xray_<your_user_login>.log is under STALKER-SHOC in the logs\ subdirectory, while the saved games are stored in savedgames\. <your_user_login> is usually your name, the one you see at the top of the menu when you click on the start button on the taskbar in XP. If your user name is Robert, for example, then you would find a file named xray_Robert.log.

*Steam STALKER-SoC users: There needs to be a separate clear topic about this, but your user directory is given by the first line in fsgame.ltx, and I understand it is usually wrong for folks with Vista/Windows 7. You can make it point where you want it to be, although it should be a directory where you have write permission (not Program Files). If you change it, copy the user.ltx file from the original pointed-to directory to your new directory -- unless you had problems. STALKER will recreate this file anew if needed.

Contrary to help offered here that removes the vertical bar between the drive reference and the directory path, there should be a separator present. I quote myself from another forum:
; This is the typical XP setting
$app_data_root$=true|false|C:\|Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\STALKER-SHOC\

; This is the typical Vista/Windows 7 setting
$app_data_root$ = true| false| C:\|Users\Public\Documents\STALKER-SHOC\

; These are two possible Steam settings -- note that it is writing to Program Files (not recommended)
$app_data_root$=true|false|C:\|Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\stalker shadow of chernobyl\_appdata_
$app_data_root$ = true| false| $fs_root$| _appdata_\

You can change these values to fix some problems, or simply to move your STALKER stuff where you want it to be.

Steam users should change it to be like the one for their OS.
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How the hell are you new to Stalker if you almost beat the game twice?

This is a friggin video game forum. You don't have to bolster your e-peen by saying you've beat so-and-so game
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