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P4: Auto-trading nehaviour

Hi everybody,
I hope someone will be able to solve my interrogation
I don't understand how work the auto-trading feature

For example, in a marketplace there is 100 barrel of metal at 90 coin, the price will grow up after buying 50 barrel.
The auto-trade system will just buy 10 of them, regardless the empty space in the boat.
And that the same way in selling, all the good are soled even if the price did not fall down.
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Well the way the auto trade works is that the captain of the boat will buy X amount of a certain product depending on the unit price (you can set the bar for this yourself) and then try to sell it wherever you told him to again for a certain unit price which you can also alter.

So in exemple, if the market has 100 barrel of metal at 90 coin each, and the trading is set so that the captain buys em only if they are lower than 100 coin, he will buy barrels until it reaches that price. Then same applies to the selling.

My tip would be to build storehouses and hire admins to watch em for you. You can then set your boats to drop your goods in those werehouses, and set the selling prices for the admins to sell em. Same can be done with purchasing. Seeing some very cheap wood on the other side of the river and afraid you won't be able to get there in time? Just hire an admin there and tell him to buy that wood when it is lower than a certain price

I hope this helps a bit. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
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Thanks for the explanation

What you describe is most for the "manual trading" where you fixes yourself quantity and price. Technique i begin to use more and more to be more efficient, and i also begin to use the admin like you describe.

My question was more on the "full auto-trading" were you did not fixed price or quantity. If you pay attention the AI seems to not be very efficient because i do not buy all how he could. But there is probably some game play mechanism which are not obvious.

But, like said at the beginning i use more the manual trading; so that less important on my game.

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I've noticed that my captains sometimes buy things that I've not put in the list of things for him to buy then it takes a while just to get him to offload them.
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