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Good game?

The forum sems empty but anyway

I've just see there's a demo so i'll give a try to the demo i guess.
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I bought it for its full price and didn't regret it.

It's very Monkey Island-y in its puzzles, music and style. There's no voice acting, but the dialogue is amusing throughout. Also, it's quite short - maybe five hours long if you don't use any hints.

It's worth a shot if you liked any of the oldschool Lucasarts adventures. But yes, definitely try the demo first.

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I don't own it on Steam but I've played it already so here it goes: the mainly con is that it doesn't have voice acting. IMO this is not a real problem, since both music and music and sound effects are really cool.

As for the game itself, it's a short game but it is witty and funny. There are some very easy puzzles, a couple of real harder ones, but, in general, they're challenging. I also enjoyed the cartoon visual very much

The difference between casual and hardcore modes is basically the gameplay, as in how you interact w/ the game and the kind of hints you'll get (for instance, in casual mode, when you place the cursor over an object the game will tell you what to do; when in hardcore mode, you click the object and decide what to do by yourself, like most adventure games). There are a few other changes, but the storyline is the same for both modes

I don't think it worths $20 (because it's too short), but it surely worths $10 and, for $5, it's a steal

I give it 4 stars out of 5 and I think that, if you buy it, you'll get a few hours of a mix of a humorous story and clever puzzles in a flawless gameplay
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I think that demos, in adventure games, do not work as a guide for the entire game, as most adventures nowadays have a few parts that are very good, with exploration, descriptions and such, and the rest is designed in the laziest manner. Hm, maybe not nowadays: I still remember "Beneath a steel sky", whose demo consisted of the first screens, the ones that were better designed, where the story was more intriguing, where the campiest stuff didn't appear.

Anyway, there is little information about this in the net. Only a review from adventure gamers and a russian site I don't know.

Searching a little more, I see eurogamer's little review and another site. It seems that it is heavily influenced by Curse of Monkey Island (music included), that it is not very long, not very hard, there is no voice acting and there is also a rare translation. Sounds very interesting for me, then.
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I just tried the demo and enjoyed it. The demo took me about a half hour on Hardcore, with watching the intro, doing the instruction tutorial, and reading all the dialog and descriptions of every item. I was never actually stuck though, so that must have been a lot of dialog and descriptions

Too bad about the lack of voice acting and widescreen (apparently a patch is coming for the latter, but when?) but I think I'll be picking this one up. For those who want some more reviews: http://www.mobygames.com/game/kaptai...world/mobyrank

Well, now back to struggling with the puzzles of MI2SE....
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Yep the only downside is no voice acting, other than that it's almost as good as Monkey Island and similar classic point and click games. If you enjoy adventure games buy it now that it's on sale.
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A little bit short, but well worth the 5€.
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Cateia Games
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Hi Guys,

Glad you like the game
It's my personal favorite and the game I'm most proud of!
Krešimir Špes
Cateia Games
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Thumbs up

The game is good fun, if a bit on the easy side for an old-school adventure game veteran (like myself). I bought it while it was on sale for 5€, and for that price, I would definitely recommend it to everyone, hardcore and casual adventure gamers alike!

The game (as released on Steam) does have a few downsides. The game cannot be played in widescreen (even on my small screen macbook the edges are cut off) at the moment (although from what I've heard, this has been patched in other versions of the game, and a patch is likely to arrive on Steam eventually) and it also has a tendency to crash every now and then:

POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING: After Kaptain Brawe has rescued the alien scientists and is back on the ship with Agent Zero, the game has a tendency to crash when Kaptain Brawe prints out the coordinates for the next destination. As soon as I attempt to pick up the coordinate sheet, the game immediately switches to Agent Zero (still in the engine room where she was busy distracting the ensign) and then crashes when any further action/movement is attempted. I hope this issue is addressed in an existing/future patch. No one else so far seems to have reported it.

On the positive side of things, the graphical style of the game is beautiful and reminds me of old classic adventure games such as The Curse of Monkey Island. A lot of effort seems to have gone into making the game look as professional as possible. The humour of the game is a bit hit and miss. Some of the jokes made me grin but as with all comedy, it may not be everybody's cup of tea. The lack of voice acting does detract from the experience, but I'm used to playing independent adventure games (which are highly unlikely to include voice acting), and reading text has never been a problem for me. All in all, this was an entertaining experience and I would have loved it even better if only if had been longer, voice acted and bug free. It reminds me a lot of the Monkey Island games (in atmosphere as well as in referential humour) and it seems more like a tribute to the great classics of the past than a modern classic.

As I have said before, if you want a game that brings you a nostalgic taste of the golden era of adventure gaming, then by all means, buy this game (but make sure you play on hardcore mode). If you're new to adventure games, then this game is fairly easy (at least in the beginning), has a good tutorial and includes a casual mode. I would say that for it's length, the original price of the game is too steep; but for 5€ it's definitely worth a try! I personally enjoyed it :-). Let's just hope that all the bugs and widescreen resolution problems have been ironed out by the next Steam update ;-).

P.S. I'm writing this while both tired and feverish (damn this autumn flu!), so please excuse any inane rambling and spelling/grammatical errors.
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