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Oct21_2011 - Get it for $4 (USA Only I think) from Origin

Would prefer a nice Steam package, but for $4 it can't be beat.

I think this will only work if you are from the US (don't know for sure, but I'm a Yank and it works here).

You need to Log In to Origin from the stand-alone applet, not their web page.

Enter ORIGIN60 at the checkout and it will take 60% off the 9.99 which makes it $4.

You can also use the ORIGIN60 to take 60% off 800 Bioware points. Which makes $10 worth of points (800) only cost $4.
I gots me all my MassEffect2 DLCs cheapo this way (and I gorged on the Dragon Age II stuff).

This code applies to all kind of stuff. See the link at the bottom to see what others have purchased.
You will probably have to buy each item one at a time, I don't know for sure.

I bought all my Bioware Points one at a time and Gatling Gears seperately because that is the way the EA Facebook deals work.

Those will only apply the discount code to one thing in your checkout basket. So if you have 4 things, only one will get the discount.

If you buy them at 4 different checkouts, you can apply the discount each time.

I do not know how long this deal is for. I saw it on Cheap***gamers.com.

Link, if Steam does not filter the A S S out of it.

Neat little game. I stink on ice at it, but it looks good and plays well. For $4 it is a steal.

You will need to download it using the Origin applet and let me give anyone a heads up on stopping the downloader when it is working.


Unless they have changed, when you close the Origin app when downloading, it rolls back to beginning of package you were downloading at the moment.
So if you were downloading a 500meg sized install file, it will delete that 500meg file and redownload it. I paused it and then shut down my computer when downloading DeadSpace2 and lost a couple of GIGS of already downloaded material (Thinking it would work like Steam, stupid me).

They may have fixed this for Battlefield3, I haven't tested it yet.
Hmm, from this post, maybe not:

Blah Blah, me type more dribble and pad post so longer and eat up more internet space.

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