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Is Vanguard now worth playing


I played this when it was in beta and then when it was first released, but my question is "Is it now worth playing?" I loved the game etc but have they fixed alot of the issues, and is it easy to get groups etc within the game now as the last thing i want is to fall in love with the game again and find there is no one to play with ?
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Hoping so ! I played back in the very early days and was amazed at the graphics but put off by the EQ clone in combat.

I hope I might be more appreciative these days though as there is jack all else out there.
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Old 06-06-2011, 07:14 PM   #3
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Yes, still worth playing! It is probably better if you can get a friend to play with you, with just two people my cousin and I have been able to do pretty much everything. Highly recommend.
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Jack Pipsam
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Yes, I love this game!
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Sorry for the necro bump, but this sub forum is dead. This game is totally worth playing now and is F2P in similar style to EQ2's model.
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I agree, its a great game but a little addictive! Ive got about 20 + games sitting here on Steam that ive bought and have wanted to start a few but for the past week ive been doing nothing but Vanguard. I also stopped playing the new Chivalry and War of the Roses, all my gaming time is Vanguard. I went ahead and bought 3 months last night. They are having a sale now too on the sony pts, you get I think it was 3000 pts for $10 and it usually buys you a lot less. You dont really need the pts for anything though to play and even the FTP you can do just about everything. On the FTP some classes are limited to lvl 20 and you get less equipment slots, other than that there isnt a lot youre missing off the bat.
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