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The best way I've heard this game described is to think of it as a class-based FPS (like TF2) played as top-down-view RTS, rather than comparing it to your typical base-building, resource-gathering RTS.

It's not a casual RTS, but a heavy micro RTS. Both sides are equal, and most maps are symmetrical. It's like high speed chess, where if your opponent takes your bishop, you just spawn another one. So the only way you will win is to react and move faster than your opponent at the tactical level. There's no real grand strategy here where you try to find/maximize an advantage for the entire round because everything you can do, your opponent can pretty much do too because you are both equal.

Sacraboar's graphics are above average for an indie title, but the unit voices are pretty annoying and are best muted.

Another game that has similar gameplay is Arena Wars.

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I skipped it

Mouse pointer didn't work after install. I had to use the ctrl-backspace fix posted on the forums. After I got in the game and started the tutorials, the game didn't pin the mouse to the game display so scrolling was very difficult. Two small bugs that should never happen on modern games. Who knows what else is broken later on?
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