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Arrow After Completing The Game..

Steam has helped me realize, through the world of video gaming, that people in our world expect too much, give very little - and appreciate nothing..and my statements are generalized, so if you feel offended by anything i've just said - then maybe you need to take a closer look at yourself before you bash me for pointing it out..that being said..

This game is pretty tight. i wish i knew someone else who played this game (currently trying to get a friend to purchase), because its actually a pretty good hack-n-shoot. in my opinion, the game is still a work in progress..and i hope the devs listen to their new fans by continuing to develop this game. it really has a lot of potential, and i can do nothing but remain optimistic. after writing my thoughts on the first 2 levels - i played through the rest of the game and was thoroughly impressed by the way it progressed.

this game is not going to dazzle you with a complex story-line. its not going to compel you with amazing graphics. and its not going to give you awe-inspiring game play. but what it does do, is get straight to the damn point. the game then takes a plunger, and stuffs that point down your throat and out of your keister for the remainder of the game - which is pretty much the entire game.

the further i went through the game, the more i began to develop a better strategy to deal with the threats. this is something i like about gaming that keeps me addicted to it. figuring out the best strategies in them. at first, i expected this game to be the typical zombie shooter (no pun intended). so i took it slow and methodical - anticipating the threat. what slipped my mind was the fact that the threat is constant - theres always a threat. you see, in L4D..its easier to get in that mode of anticipating and being methodical because there are so many different ques to be aware of. once you memorize what each que is tied to, you become a master of the game. you know the boomer is coming..you can hear it in the map before it even shows its face..and it may never show its face if you avoid it correctly. but in DH - its version of the boomer thunderously charges at you - no breaks, and its puke causes pretty massive damage - even on easy. only its a mutant, and not a zombie..think more KF here. pretty much, everything just hauls plumber-crack right at'chu. i dont care if you know exactly whats going on - its not so easy to avoid anything in this game.

the game play is basically: run, dodge, shoot. its more a shmup than any other genre - which im a huge fan of shmups, i own over sixty of the best vertical shmups every created - so i can definitely appreciate this game. its simple, its to the point, the learning curve is maybe twenty seconds - though you will continue to learn through-out the game about how to better defend yourself from, and deal with a constant threat.

my earlier thoughts on this games first two levels can be found here: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=2022410

^^pretty much everything i say here still stands.

the last level is a pain solo. the only times i died on my second run was on the last level - i died five times there before i got it right..and getting it right pretty much relied on crack-timing, and luck that my strategy would work.

i thought the way the new weapons were revealed was "eh". towards the end, you're given the option of buying three incredibly useful weapons, but you only get the chance to use them through the course of a few levels. its rather disappointing considering the value of these weapons and the fact that you know they're going to be there "eventually" when you can make good use of them now. im going to start a third run right after i finish this. my strategy is to now go through the majority of the levels with the basic weapons, and buy the three most useful weapons when they become available. the reason why im doing this is because the other weapons are either uninteresting, or practically useless compared to the three that im talking about. you really only need a fully upgraded AR for most of the game, and another projectile weapon to deal with bosses and crowds. theres no need to fumble through multiple weapons, you really only need the two most useful ones. the other two are grenade weapons. both are extremely useful for crowd-control - nuff said.

i hate to say it, but i think the weapon system is not that good. im willing to spend almost the entire game with the basic weaponry - because its useful..but i'd rather that be my own choice, and not be forced to do it because the other weaponry either isnt available yet, or because its not as useful as the stuff i've had since the beginning of the game. if im going to save up for what i like best - make it all available from the start, and put in a buy/sell system and make the zombies drop less money. make it so i can feel good about saving when i can finally buy that weapon, instead of making me sit on a crap-ton of cash until it becomes available. this is a shooter. guns vs. creepers - let us shoot them for gods sake, so we can carve a path of dismembered corpses all the way to the secret junkyard hideout. i mean either that or give the guns a more broad variety, each with less distinctive pros and cons, so we can at least think about a good load-out combination. when i first got the shotty, i expected it to spray a few bullets in various directions - but it shoots a single slug. it seems like it hits multiple targets at close range..but you dont really wanna be close enough to make it worth a shot in this game - you really need to try to keep things at a distance.

anyway, thats all i got on this for now..its a game for people who have the ability to appreciate it..and not a terrible game at all.

i hope the devs continue to develop it..again, lots of potential in this one..i had a clean run and the bugs were rather minor considering none of them were game hindering occurrences.

good night now,

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SO True!!!
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Rabid Dog
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very good post my friend. If you are looking for a coop bro still, look me up. I and 2 other friends would enjoy playing with someone such as yourself.
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Originally Posted by Rabid Dog View Post
very good post my friend. If you are looking for a coop bro still, look me up. I and 2 other friends would enjoy playing with someone such as yourself.
sounds good, man..

i'll send you an invite..

i dont know when i'll be playing this game again, though..im currently on a Mass Effect 2 binge..but i will send you an invite, and if im in the mood for killin' creepers, i'll hit you up..

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+1 to UC
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I quote all the first post...this game remembers me the days spent on zombie shooter 1&2...great game, great rhytm...sure it has some problems, but since i've bought fe days ago i could enjoy all the patch released till now...also, i saw a lot of people wanting a game like dead nation on PC...well, i think we found it, maybe future patches (or eventually dead horde 2) will give to this title more dynamism...
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