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Eschalon Book 1 suddenly doesn't startup?


I've been playing Eschalon Book 1 for a few days now on my Windows Vista. I took a few days break from playing it... now I can't get it to start up. It crashes when I click on the "Start" on the Launch Menu.

It worked fine, and I didn't change anything on the system. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the game. Any thoughts???

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It's most likely Steam, not the game. Try loading Steam before you try to start the game itself. If it fails, just restart your computer and do it again and it should work. This happens to me pretty regularly--with ALL of my Steam games. I think it's a result of the Steam servers being overburdened.

The other thing you can try is starting the game in Offline Mode once while being connected to Steam on the internet. Then, whenever you wish to play that game, restart your computer, ensure your internet connection is disabled, then start the game without logging on to Steam. The steam client will try to load and give you a message about the servers being unavailable along with an option to start the game in Offline Mode. You should be able to play it this way indefinitely, but if you ever start the game again with active internet access again, you won't be able to play until Steam can successfully log on and run its little DRM checks.

I've noticed that the older or less-popular indie games seem to lock up, crash, or refuse to start more often that hit titles. I have a massively hard time getting Eschalon, Kohan, or M&B: With Fire and Sword to start up sometimes, so I always run them in Offline Mode. Hasn't failed yet.

Hope it helps!
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