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It's official: Redlynx hates pc gamers


Yet ANOTHER trials game that is NOT coming to PC. I am truly insulted.

To the folks at Redlynx, have fun getting left in the dust developing games for the Wii (obsolete), 360 and iphone. Just go ahead and ignore the biggest gaming market out there. You know, the one that made you?

Yeah. Just like a rock band that forgets where they came from.
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Yeah not surprised.

This game would sell like hotcakes (Trials 2) if they ever lowered the blasted price. (as to why no one buys it on the PC) The one on xbox goes on sale ALMOST every year if not every few months due to it being a Huge Xbox 360 arcade hit game.

what a shame.

Even a shame that Trials: Legends would be a fun FREE PC version of the game but when I click download it takes me to facebook. Laughs, I wont touch anything near or around facebook.

Realease that on steam as a free game, and it will be played more than I play pocket pool on a rainy night.

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Trials 2 sucks and choosing not to port to the platform that video games are developed on is stupid.
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They need money,stop complaining
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