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Unhappy Bug keeping me from progressing

I'm stuck at the fourth area, the one with the crane and the mine carts. When I get the crane to pick me up I can get my guy to swing to the platform. He just hangs there and the only option is for me to drop down. I checked an video walkthrough on Youtube and I should get an arrow that points down the platform one I get picked up, but I won't show up no matter where I put my cursor. I have the key, the game just won't let me go where I need to go. Any ideas how to fix this? I tried reloading the game but that didn't work.
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Man Slaughter
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You must have messed up the part where you re-program the arm's movement. You need to program it (at the control box with the red button) in a specific way in order to get the option to jump out onto that small platform at the top left. You might want to take a closer look at that youtube walkthrough.

Hope that helps.
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Exactly the same problem done everything like in the walkthrough started over...still cant get teh arrow to exit the crane to the ramp......gg bug :/
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Calmly Frenetic
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It's not a bug.
When programming the crane's movement, make sure going down/up is NOT the last thing it does.
When done correctly, you still need good timing.
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I concur that it is not a bug & with the 2 observations/suggestions made above. You can only swing to the platform at the correct moment when the arm is performing a certain specific action. can't really say more than that w/o it being a spoiler
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