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Saved games


I'm back after a 4 or 5 year absence - nothing is familiar at all. To start can anyone tell me where Steam stores saved games?
Got a new computer and would like to load some saved games from the old machine.

Thanks, Jim
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Saves are still up to the developer. Valves saves are usually in their respective game folders inside either the common or account name folder depending on the game within the steamapps folder.

Most saves for games seem to be in the "my documents" folder but the rest are scattered all over the drive. never understood the need of developers to hide the save and config files.

Other places I have found saves on Vista/Win7 are:
account name(insert your name here)
local files
public files
virtual store

You will have to search for it, if it hasn't been purged, but there is a thread of save locations for Steam games somewhere on the forum or there at least used to be.

Be sure you have your files set to unhidden. Also if you are moving files from XP to Vista/Win7 the file names may not match up. Be sure to start up any games you want to try and use the old save on and save. Sometimes the save files don't exist until you save the game. Then you can find it to replace it.

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