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Fixes that Might Help

I've spent all my free time this weekend trying to get this game to work. It worked before I took apart my computer for dusting and it system restored(unrelated to the error).

There were 2 different problems.

First: Game Fails to start

Texture Error - (can't render the texture)

Re-downloaded the newest video card drivers and the entire Direct-X compilation pack... And tried many compatibility modes...
(Still didn't work)

Black Screen - Not Responding Error

I saw people talking about audio issues causing problems. I disabled my z cinema speakers and set my monitor speakers format at 44,100Hz (playback devices>advanced tab=Default Format. The Game worked! but through really crappy speakers...

Logitech z cinema speakers only allow 48,000hz format. I spent many hours looking sound driver combos that would unlock the *bleepin* format bar...

THE FIX= plugging the z cinema USB plug into a different USB port area on the MB. I still can't change the format but it works somehow...

Second problem: THE CONTROLS

FIX(with Logitech setpoint or equivalent)

Mouse properties>Set Point Settings= Opens setpoint (if you have Logitech mouse, I’m sure every major manufacturer has an equivalent program)

Open Mouse Game Setting tab> set speed and acceleration to OS implementation(right side of box). Apply.

These fixes won't work for everyone. If this works for you then please save yourself some time...

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