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Unable to check printer to see paper with clue

Hi, I hope someone can help. As the title says I am trying to check the printer like it says in the walkthrough so that I am able to see the piece of paper with the words "The truth is behind the mask". When I hover over the printer the arrow does not change for me to be able to interact with it at all. I have even gone back to a much earlier save point and followed the walkthrough to the letter to see if I had done something out of order but when I get to that part I still can't click on the printer. This means I am unable to see the password "betrayal" written on the mask.

Does anyone know if this is a glitch or is it something that I have done wrong?

Many thanks
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I found myself in the same situation yesterday, and fortunately found a solution. Since you posted this over month ago I guess you already solved this problem or don't care anymore but I'm answering you anyway just in case somebody else finds the same problem in the future and finds this thread. It is always frustrating to find unanswered threads in forums.

Read the following only if you have reach this part and found the same bug, because I may write some plot reveals that could be spoilers for anybody that haven't.

O.K. So, you get to the part when Hawker shots Karson and rescues Paloma. When I played this part for the first time I took some time exploring the house and received three calls from Hawker, on the last one I chose a topic "inconsistent" (or something like that) and he started calling Vic slow and told her to check the computer. (At this point trying to check the bullets was pointless). When I clicked on the computer, the video of Paloma on the Electric chair played automatically, followed by Hawkers conversation and afterward any retry to use the computer was unsuccessful because of the missing password (and being unable to read the paper on the printer).
Restoring a previous save game right after the video of Hawker shooting Karson, this time (before Hawker's third call) I quickly analyzed the bullet that killed Karson and the bullet that was in front of the house (the bullet that killed Garris). Victoria found that both were from the same gun and gives you another task to call Hawker and ask him about this. He confesses about killing Garris and tells Vic to check the computer. This time however the video didn't play automatically and I had to read the paper on the printer to get the clue and find the password. After using the password the video of Paloma on the electric chair played. After the conversation with Hawker, I has still able to use the computer but there was nothing important to do with it. The next thing to do was leave the room and go to the cellar.

Restoring the save game in which the bug was triggered, I realized that even though I couldn't read the paper, and couldn't use the computer (on that moment), it wasn't necessary, as the game would still continue by going to the cellar and getting the next cinematic.

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