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Question [Razer Lachesis] Assigning extra mouse buttons in BF3?


I was wondering if anyone here was able to assign the side buttons on the right side of the mouse.

Even when I assign buttons 6 and 7 on the Lachesis to the corresponding buttons on the keyboard (ie button 6 on mouse = 4 on keyboard (gadget 2)) it doesn't work.
The Razer software works fine, when I open Notepad and press the button it puts a 4. So the button is assigned correctly.
Yet somehow BF3 doesn't respond when I press the button, I would love to have crouch/prone on the left of the mouse and defib and grenades on the right)...

Could anyone give me a workaround for this? Tried single button and Macro, both don't work ingame. Again, in notepad it does exactly what it is set to... .
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I had a similar problem with my joystick, except the XY axises were inverted no matter what I did, then I realized I hadn't installed the drivers yet. Installed the latest drivers and everything went smooth from there.

So, did you update the drivers?
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I did. I also found a solution though, thanks to a helpful user on EA's forum.
I needed to make a macro and add a delay between pressing and letting go the button.
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