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Exclamation A bug with the achievements

I just finished the game and got the “Happily Ever After" achivement
But the “Completionist” achievement counter is still 0.

Also I didn’t get the “We love you to” achievement as I didn’t get any ending game credits.
Or maybe the credits are presented after I finish all the side quest (like yeti and green dragon )?

I also finished the “Able Replacement” quest but didn’t get the Left 4 Dead achivement (I think that I was playing offline that time). Would be normal for Steam to discover the quests done while offline and grant the achievements for them ?
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For the credits achievement, you are supposed to watch them from the main menu.

Options -> Credits
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I play while online all the time and I didn't get the You Only Live Thrice achievement (kill an undead monster after two reanimations). Given that it's an achievement that depends on luck rather than any sort of skill, I'm kind of annoyed with it.

So yeah, this thing is definitely bugged.
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Yeah I have 4 characters who have beaten the game, defeated both Gorgons, and have been teleported back to the main town. I just looked at their quest books. Nothing but side quests.

I only have Completionist 3/4
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Old 07-28-2011, 04:48 PM   #5
Italo Svevo
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Unhappy Me Too!

I killed both gorgons on all 4 classes, and I'm still at 2/4 for the "Completionist" achievement. It would be nice to know if someone somewhere was working on fixing these bugs...
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I'm having similar problems. The game seems to have totally forgotten about my male Warrior character, so when I beat it with a female i didn't get the 'Equal Opportunity' achievement.

The Completionist counter had also forgotten about him, I had beaten the game with Sorcerer before doing it with female Warrior and it went from 0 to 1 instead of going from 1 to 2.

I have a theory for getting that achievement, though. Make 4 diffrerent class profiles, advance them all up to the last Gorgon fight, then beat the game with all 4 profiles in one session: that way, the counter won't have time to get weird.
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I finished the game with the assassin. The completitionist 1/4 popup appeared, but the progress was still shown as 0/4.

So I loaded my backup and tried again. It still didn't register, until after I did a quick battle.

Maybe there are some connection issues with the steam achievement servers from time to time. I think I only had such problems with the trap achievement.

Moral... backup your saves regularly.
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