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Unhappy Problem Starting F1 2010

So I tried playing F1 2010 a few days ago and it had the box that says preparing to launch F1 2010 and then it goes away and nothing happens. On my friends list, it says I go into the game, then leave it.

-I've uninstalled the extra Microsoft Redistributable 2005 C++ or whatever it is
-I've uninstalled and re-installed GFWL client
-I've disabled Steam overlay
-Re-installed game
-Verified game cache and defragged the game itself
-Restarted my computer and Steam
-I've also launched from the folder rather than the Steam browser and it does the same thing.

I know the new game comes out next week and it seems pointless to try and fix but I'd like to get it to work just to have it working in case I'd ever want to play it again for any reason.
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Same here, please do something!
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with F12010 I have the same problem. Could not figure it out. Then I checked my anti-virus (F-Secure) and everything seemed ok - F12010 was allowed everywhere as was Steam. However, the fact is that when I start steam and then disable F-Secure, start F12010 and then reload F-secure, the game starts. Try switching off anti-virus just for the start-up. Once it gets going it is fine to put the anti-virus back on again.
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Same here....
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