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100 hours played!!!

Cool, I just reached 100 hours of gameplay on this great game.

This is by far one of the best "I'm-not-too-sure-if-I-should-get-this-game-or-not" games that I've ever purchased on Steam.
I bought it hoping to learn how to play Sudoku. I had always heard about it, but had never really given it a try. So I bought this game (I think I paid less than 2 dollars for it) to see what it was about. Not only have I really learned to enjoy Sudoku, but I have become pretty good at it. I still have trouble with some of the advanced moves (I pretty much get X-wing, but the others are still rather baffling), but I like to play the Master level to keep me on my toes.

This game is my favorite thing to play when I first get up. Normally I will play 2 or 3 "expert" or "master" games to help me wake up in morning. It's great for getting those brain juices flowing.
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I have about 208 hours clocked on this game now, it's such a great game to play when you just want to do something simple. I'm really happy I got the game, it was during a sale I believe. I always enjoyed solving sudoku so it was a definite buy for me. I do not regret it!
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