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I suck at jumping

I suck at jumping, any tips?
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Are you using a gamepad? I can't jump properly with my xbox controller but spacebar is okay.
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ugg i hate the jumping, its really tedious. I suck at jumping too but its really all about the timing.
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jumping just takes timing... you have to hit jump when your the most squished down to get the biggest jump. also you have to do some small jumps to get yourself to compress to be able to do a big jump.
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Phasma Felis
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You can press Up (while you fly up) and Down (while you fall down) to increase your velocity a bit and bounce higher faster.

You can also hold Heavy while falling to add even more speed, as long as you release it the moment before you land. Gish has never heard of Galileo, apparently. I never had the finger dexterity to use that very well.

One other trick--the flatter/more spread out Gish is when you hit Expand, the higher he jumps, so if you can "fold" him around a block or the corner of a platform, you can get more speed/height. If you're trying to cross a pit, say, you can bounce in place a couple of times, then drop onto the corner and launch up/sideways at high speed. You can hurt yourself if you do this too hard, though.
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Like I just said in the other thread, I can't do that first jump. Just cannot do it. I tried for ages.
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down up jump repeat
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