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(Local) Multiplayer?!

Come on, seriously!

It says on the store page multiplayer and local co-op!

Why doesnt it say its freaking offline multiplayer only! I really feel ripped of cause I wanted to play it with a friend on steam.

This sucks. You have to pint it out if its only local. I could try to get my money back, but screw this, I will just never buy a game from that publisher again.
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I think Steam has a policy that says if the game has leader boards that qualifies as multiplayer. I don't agree with that qualifying as multiplayer but maybe that explains the store page.
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I just make it a policy to assume a game uses offline multiplayer if "local co-op" is written. I'm sure I'd be wrong in some cases, but that's preferable to thinking it has online multiplayer and then finding out it doesn't (like the OP did).
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