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I've tried everything and out of ideas. Obviously I'm using the laser mostly, but it is weak for the guys with shields. Power stations don't seem to work out, if I put down slow goo, or radiation, then they take a lot of the kills anyway. If I put towers which deal damage right near the end to catch those I can't kill with support, by about wave 15 I'm out of energy constantly and the towers take all the kills as well.

This is on the Desert Flight map.

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It says in the write up on the laser dont over use.I use laser at the choke point ive made to slow the group down,then my main weapon pills or missiles will take care of the pact.Pills/cannons are good for getting rid of shields but saying that cannons arnt the best since low damage turret.

Lasers are effective primarily against soft targets like biologicals and cybernetics.Command recommends against heavy use of lasers against armored targets.

I use a main weapon missles or pills and a secondary lasers,cannons.
tho sometimes i would use two main weapons pills and AA to hard hitting turrets.

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