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[TUT]SR:TT-How To Lower Bridges And Remove Zombies Island

I Made Myself A Video Showing You Guys How To Lower The Bridges And Remove Zombie Island.
Credit To:IdolNinja(His Mission Replay Mod),TrueCoppa(Telling Me How To Insert The Lines) And Saintsrowmods.com

Here Is The Video Tutorial:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=Nzmbfl4znGA

And Here Is The Step-By-Step Tutorial( I Recommend You Guys To Check Out The Video):
1.You'll Need To Download Mission Replay Mod
Download Link - https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/...replay-v2.158/
2.Copy The sr3_city.lua to your Main SR:TT Folder.
3.Open sr3_city.lua and put the lines below between "function sr3_city_main()" And "end" like the video shown you:

function sr3_city_main()

traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(34, true) -- Disables splines on road through Sunset Park that STAG cordons off
city_zone_swap("therm3_dst", false)
spawn_override_change_hood_alternate_spawning("HOO D_ZOMBIE", false)
city_zone_swap("chemcrash", false)
city_zone_swap("zombies", false)
city_zone_swap("lockdown", false)
city_zone_swap("stag", false)
spawn_override_change_hood_alternate_spawning("HOO D_DT_02", false)
spawn_override_change_hood_alternate_spawning("HOO D_DT_03", false)

city_zone_swap("rubble", false)

This might make some missions be buggy or uncompletable, I only tried it on my complete save and haven't had time to replay all the missions.

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