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It's easily worth the prices it went for on the Summer Sale, I think it was $1 and change. I had bought it on the 360 a long time ago on sale too.

It's a solid game, with cute characters and story. The light puzzle elements are nice, platforming is weak and the game can be slow going at times. Overall it's good.

As for Twisted Pixel's other games on PC, I don't know now that MS acquired them. If they can't even be arsed to put Halo 3 on PC even though it's really old now, I doubt they would be putting Twisted Pixels' games on PC now.
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For $1 or $2 (USD) or so, it's probably worth it, but I wouldn't pay much more. The characters are kinda cute, but that novelty wears out quick, leaving rather uninteresting gameplay in its place. It's simply too simple to be very interesting.

The one exception to this might be young children. It might hold their interest better, since the level of difficulty is fairly low, and the characters are pretty endearing.

It's also an obvious console port, with low-res terrain textures, no AA without serious tweaks, and good controls only with an Xbox 360 gamepad.

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