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Thief 3 ignores my v-sync settings

I try to fix that problem now for over two hours, but nothing works.

The game ignores my vsync settings all the time. I made a special profile for Thief 3 in the program tab of the nvidia control panel with force vsync on setting, I did the same in the global profile, made a profile in the nvidia inspector with the same settings and, to be sure, set the vsync hook in the games settings panel. I even set compatiblity settings for T3.exe, T3Main.exe and IonLauncher.exe to Windows XP SP3 and disabled Aero. Nothing...

I have to say, that "ignores" is the wrong term for what the game does, it just "interprets" my orders very freely. Thief 3 caps at a pleasant 150 fps (tested with fraps), this number is complete bonkers, cause my TFT only runs at 120 Hertz at maximum. The OSD of the display says that the game runs at 120 hertz, not at 150. If I turn off vsync completly the game runs at 800 - 900 fps in the menus and 200+ FPS ingame. So, from where come the 30 FPS extra?

I´m completely out of luck here and have no clue what else to do, the game ist almost unplayable this way, cause I can´t use locks and ladders most of the time.

My rigs specs are as follows...

AMD Phenom II 1090T
Geforce 480 GTX with drivers 285.62
8 GiB DDR3-1600 Memory
Windows 7 Professional x64

I would appreciate any help regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance.


PS: Sorry for my horrible english.
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