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patch day

Love it, so much better. The extra weight on the cars lets you get into some good scrapes with other traffic. Speed feels spot on. Drifting is allot easier.
Enjoying the deformation, and nice touch on the 'my music' option.

If you can slip a some sort of race championship mode in I'll be all the more happy.

Good work
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I'll second that

Classic Mode is exactly what the game needed, no doubt.
I actually feel competitive now against the AI instead of crash fodder

Still needs some work in the Force Feedback for Wheels though, at least to me. Feels kind of "flat" for lack of a better word.
Almost like driving on air, until you hit something or someone hits you.

Needs to have better "terrain feel" like the way FO1/2 did when you drive from asphalt to dirt, then back onto asphalt. The steering would feel very "lose" on dirt and stiffen up a LOT when you'd hit asphalt again.

Other than that, a much improved game now.

Good job Team 6,
keep up the good work!
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My patience with this game has paid off.

The handling of some cars could be tweaked a little, and the physics itself could still be improved, but overall this game now is A LOT MORE FUN to play. The Classic Mode was exactly what was needed; the cars feel like they're driving properly, and I'm loving the 2011 setup of the Grinder, which is far easier to drive than what the car previously was.

The Muscle-class cars are still quite a handful, haven't tried any of the other class cars yet.

The AI gives less nonsense especially at the start, and the rubberbanding seems less pronounced (ed up at the start of the race I did in a car I've never really driven before, managed to work my way into 2nd without too much issues with AI repassing me around corners. The guy in first was GONE, though - damn Defcar lol.) They're still quite aggressive, but it feels more of a balanced aggression rather than mindless aggression. Like they're -choosing- when to try and mess other drivers up rather than doing nothing else.

Only tried the first track in Detroit so far, will play the other circuits and modes later.

The new graphics options - especially to turn off Bloom - are a real help. Setting Bloom on 'low' works fine for me - everything is visible but the graphics are still nice.

The deformation model is also awesome.

All-in-all a vast improvement on the base game engine thus far, and like I said I'm glad I gave you guys the benefit of a doubt. The game still isn't perfect - but then again, no game truly is. Perfection will surely come over time, if you guys keeps listening to us players and take on-board the feedback just as you did for this patch.

Looking forwards to what else you can fix (hopefully you will fix the start grid as you said - it feels weird being by myself on the last row. Should give an option to manually choose a starting position or to choose a random one )
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Yeah, the patch it's pretty well done
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