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How i did fix Win7 64bit crashes.

(I Hope this thread will help someone.)

These 2 things fixed the crashes to me (on Win7 64bit):

source: http://www.mokonamodoki.com/sacred-2-on-windows-7
1.Create a shortcut to the Sacred 2 executable. You’ll find it in the game directory, in another directory called ‘system’. For me, it is: D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Sacred 2\System\Sacred2.exe
2.Put the shortcut on your desktop, or somewhere handy.
3.Right click the shortcut and select properties
4.Click the Shortcut tab
5.In the Target field, you need to add the following: -skipopenal -nocpubinding. The contents of my Target field look like this: "D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\sacred 2\system\sacred2.exe" -skipopenal -nocpubinding
6.Click Apply and Click OK.
7.Double click the shortcut and play Sacred 2.

source: http://forum.sacred2.com/showpost.ph...38&postcount=1
For those with Patch 2.43 crashes using Windows 7
If you are experiencing crashing/stuttering using the 2.43 patch on Windows 7 can you please try the following:

Right click the Sacred 2 shortcut on your desktop and click 'properties'. In the windows that opens click the 'compatability' tab and check the 'run this program in compatibility for' box, selecting Windows XP(service pack 3) from the drop down menu. Also check the 'run this program as an administrator' box. Click apply/ok and then run the game, this should stop the crashing/stuttering.

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