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The game won't launch...

Click play, Steam status changes to "in-game", then changes back to "online". No window pops up, how to fix?
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Did you solve the problem yet?
I also have the same situation.... don't know what to do.

In my case I know what the problem is now.... it's actually very strange and annoying.

I have to turn off my Xbox Controller before I launch the game. Then it work's. But I can't use the controller anymore in the game.

Pretty stupid, since this is one of those games I much rather would play with controller.

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Thanks for the tip about the xbox 360 controller.

Had the exact same problem. Launching from steam, the game fails to load. Took the batteries out of my xbox wireless controller, and bingo the game loaded successfully. Which is still just as bad, impossible to activate the controller after the game is loaded, gameplay would be better with a controller.

In addition, I have a friend with the disc copy of Jurassic Park. Loaded his version with no issue with the xbox controller connected. This "game not loading" issue only affects the steam version of this game.
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