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Post Earthworm Jim - Steam Edition FAQ (better graphic,sound, control)

Earthworm Jim - Steam Edition FAQ
How make Better sound, better graphic and even better control

Yeah I own this. My brother bought it, but I play.

About Steam Port

Firstly, what is it? It’s “Whole Can O'Worms” (Ewj1 & Ewj2) and it’s Ms-dos port of legendary game. But now it’s hard play in the dos games and therefore we must use emulator for Dos. And the Steam helped us do it, they included the "Dosbox" in their Jim Collection.

So, why they don’t used Windows port? Cause it's had a glitches in the modern OS. But why they don’t used some emulators for SegaCD? I don’t know, may be something with rights. You ask me: “Why you worry about it?” and my answer is “Steam Edition has minimal content” ;(
It’s not a special edition and therefore we lost:
Big Bruty level
One type new weapon
We got less gameplay in the “New Junk City” and “What the Hack
It’s Dos-version and therefore we lost for some reason:
– “Intestinal Distress!” and “Who Turned Out the Light?” – They was very good levels - I remember I enjoyed play it on my Sega Genesis.
And also we got less gameplay on “level 5 ". Man, why so many gameplay we lost only in Earhworm Jim 1?
BTW, EWJ2 also lost one level – “Lorenzen’s Soil” and EWJ3 lost WHOLE soundtrack. It’s all look pretty sadly.

But anyway, it’s still Great games and if you bought it I show you how you can improve graphic, sound and control.

Firstly, I’m already said that games (EWJ1 & EWJ2) using “Dosbox” and therefore we must change setting in it.

This little manual for people who never using Dosbox (or use it but understood nothing in it)
Go to Steam\steamapps\Common\earthworm jim\Earthworm Jim 1 and open “ewj1.conf” (use standard notepad for it) – it’s main configuration file for audio/video settings. Make sure, you made the copy of this file and we begin.

Graphic Improvement

In that file find the line “fullscreen=False” ([sdl] section) and write instead it “fullscreen=True”. Game will start in Fullscreen mode constantly. You can go to windows-size pressing “Alt+Enter” in the game (press Alt+Enter again to return in Fullscreen).

In the Next line write “fulldouble=true” This is increase video quality a little in fullscreen.

You can make graphic look muck better using by different scallers (Steam default – no use it) you can find it in the [render] section. For good machine you can use“scaler= super2xsai” or hq2x or supereagle and for new one (I mean, for new machine) you should use hq3x scaler. You can choose any scaler if you want.

After this try start game using steam gamelink and if you not see slowmo effect but see graphic improvement it’s mean all good. If game going slow, use “worse” scaller.

Sound Improvement

You can make game play sound more clearly if you set “rate=44100” instead old value in the [mixer] and [sblaster] sections. Also you should change Irq value in [sblaster] section: use “irq=7”
And yes, sound emulation also will give a little slowdown your cpu.

If in the game you have lost sounds press on the button which turn on/off sound (see below)

Keyboard and Control

If you have some keyboard lags (response from game comes with pause after you press on buttons) change this: “priority=high,normal” on this “priority=normal,normal” in [sdl] section.

You know, I don’t liked standard keyboard layout and I wanted change it to WASD. How do it? If you don't like standard controls too and you want use any buttons for it, even specials buttons like “p”, “m“, “s” “j”, “r”, you easily can do it by using "dosbox keymapper". You should press in the game “CTRL-F1” to run keymapper configuration screen. In this place you can make new values for any buttons, of course even for special game buttons (For example, for “S” – it by default turn on or turn off sounds (No music!)). So, how it work? I’ll show you it for WASD – Directions, “,” – Fire, “.” – Whip, “/” and “Space” – Jump, “I” – turn on/off sound, “P” – Pause game and “tab” – scroll your weapon list (only in EWJ-2). I will not change controls in game menu, it’s mean, I left default settings (standard control): Arrows – Directions, Space – Fire, Lshift – Whip, Lctrl – Jump. “S” – turn on/off sound

- For new sign "W" button, click left mouse button on the “key_up” then press mouse on the “add” then press “W” on your keyboard. Now W will work as “up” and “arrow up” will also work like “up”.
Make same with “A” and “D” buttons.
- For new sign "S"button, click left mouse button on the “S” then press mouse on the “Del” then press add and choose the button which will turn on/off your sound. Then press mouse on the “key_down” and add “S” button for it.
- Next, bind (using add) to the button “key_lctrl” next two buttons “/” and “space”.
- “.” bind to the button “key_lshift”.
- For “Space” firstly delete “bind key_space” then add “,” for it.
- Do nothing with “tab” and “p”.
It’s all! You can immediately verify your control by pressing “CTRL-F1” and return in game. If something don’t work or work wrong press again “CTRL-F1” and try find mistake there. Remind, I showed example for Standard Control (see above). Of course you can choose your own layout if you want but my controls good too.

If you want you an do same with RWJ2 or you can just copy two files “ewj1.conf” (certainly you must rename it to “ewj2.conf”) and “mapper.txt" in the Earthworm Jim 2 directory.

New Dosbox

Oh, just remembered you can download new “dosbox” from the Official site http://www.dosbox.com and simply change old files to new ones in the Steam DosBox folder (Steam\steamapps\Common\earthworm jim\DosBox). Nothing bad will happen at all.

Ok, It was little manual for ewj1 and ewj2, please respond if you have any questions or you found some kind of mistakes in my manual or you just like it. Feel free to answer. BTW, Sorry for poor language
Enjoy masterpiece-games with good image, sound and with pleasant control.

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Thanks for the manual, it was really useful. About port - developers were a bunch of damn hacks. Controls are messed up beyond belief and they removed what - Intestinal Distress, Who Turned the Lights Off and didn't include Big Bruty? Why? In the holy name of Heck, why? Why didn't they remove the one level everybody hates (Down the Tubes 2 aka Tube Race aka Pod Race) instead?
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I typed this up before I even saw your thread. Duh... Anyway, this is also a useful guide, with a completely different solution for setting up the keyboard/joystick.

The versions of EWJ1 & 2 for sale on Steam are of a DOS port. Presumably you run Windows, so when you buy and download them it's already set up to run them on your computer via DOSBox, a DOS Emulator that you can configure somewhat yourself.
The screenshots on Steam are from the Genesis versions of the games, oddly enough. This is not the version you'll actually download. The DOS versions have more colors, but the EWJ1 engine was completely reprogrammed, rather than porting the console engine, and Jim moves much less smoothly than you'll remember if you played it on a console years ago. Hilariously, the Steam screenshots feature levels in the Genesis version that were cut out of the DOS version you'll actually get, but more on that below...
These DOS ports came out in 1996, as a compilation of EWJ games for PC owners. EWJ HD is NOT on Steam. EWJ HD does not currently have a PC port at all; for now you can only play it on PS3 or XBox 360.
These DOS ports are also missing a few levels. EWJ1 does not have Big Bruty or Intestinal Distress. It does have Who Turned Out The Lights?, contrary to what some people say. If you don't believe me, look up a password list for the game online and find the password for WTOTL? and enter it yourself. EWJ2 does not have Lorenzo's Soil. If you want the most complete versions of these games, the Sega CD/Mega CD console version of EWJ1 and the Special Edition of EWJ1 for Windows (by Activision) have all the levels. For EWJ2, the Genesis and SNES versions have all the levels, but the Playstation/Saturn versions have better music/graphics and of course all the levels.
If you're still sticking with these Steam versions, then let's get started...

Full Disclosure: I don't actually have the Steam versions, but I know how they work. Pardon me if I tell you to set something to a value that's already set by default.
Fullscreen and Resolution
EWJ1 and 2 have seperate configuration files, they'll be text files ending in .conf so you can open them in Notepad. The first section is [sdl]. The games change resolution during loading screens, which is a bit unnecessary to me, but set fullresolution= to your monitor's native resolution i.e. fullresolution=1920x1080, and output=ddraw and fulldouble=true. You can set fullscreen=true if you want the game to start in fullscreen, which, hey, why not? Otherwise alt-tab will do it.
Go down to [render] and set frameskip=0, aspect=true, and scaler=hq3x for smoothed graphics or scaler=none if you're not getting enough fps.

For this, it doesn't matter what kind of joystick you have, as long as it works in Windows at all. Still in the config text file, go to [joystick] and set joysticktype=none, and we're done with this config file. Now, download XPadder 5.3. Newer versions than that cost money, but the older free ones work just fine. ( http://www.freewarefiles.com/downloa...rogramid=21789 as of this writing) XPadder pays attention to your joystick, and whenever you press a button on it XPadder will tell windows that a keyboard key was pressed too. So, you can map the left button on your joystick's d-pad to be left arrow key, and/or moving a thumb joystick to the left being left arrow key, and so on for every key your game uses. Set up your joystick in XPadder to work this way, so that other buttons use the game's keyboard bindings, which if I remember correctly are the standard ctrl and alt and such. Just have XPadder running when you play EWJ1 & 2, and you won't have to set up the in-game joystick config at all, because as far as EWJ knows, you're playing with a keyboard. This works just fine, and actually works great for lots of games, like Jazz Jackrabbit, since DOSBox has poor joystick support, and any modern games that don't have good/any joystick support either.

That should do it for getting these DOS versions running as smoothly as they can. Happy Worming!
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