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Guess this has been said more then once but i'll say it again. The controls for this game are AWFUL, my god, its been a long time since i've played a game with this annoying controls. The game itself is pretty fun to fiddle around in, and I though that I might get used to the controls after a while. But damn, they are just terrible...

Anyone know if there is a patch coming? If so maybe I should wait and play it then cus like it is right now it takes away alot of fun in the game. How hard can it be to make a decent port for mouse and keyboard? Just make it RTS style with more camera angles...
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My god, what did I just buy in the sale. you Ubisoft, you with a passion, I know you're behind this and I hope your atrocious management feels the weight of lost trust and low sales thanks to it's medieval approach about DRM and dev time investments.
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