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Question Questions and controller issue

A few questions,
Are there other bad guys that show up? (other than the chain chomp like dudes) do my actions affect anything other than my death or survival in the game? (like add more of those chain chomp like monsters)

What is the purpose of the experimental level other than getting 6 acchievements in like 20 seconds? (yeah lol). why is there only the blue circle guys on the experimental level?

Now mycontroller issue, for some odd reason it wont let me roll, I have it set to axis one. I have a Logitech F310 Game Pad USB controller.
I JUST bought this controller this month so its not a hardware issue. It only happens when I pause the game, and for some reason it wont let me move, but I dont know what causes movement to start again, I know dying works.

Can any one help?

ALSO since I Play alot of metal and rock songs on this game, what should I have the setting to for optimal visual effects? (ram and graphics are no problem with my laptop). Is there any Surround Sound options? I have a 5.1 Surround sound set up.

Correct me if Im wrong but there is no online Multiplayer right?

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Experimental: that's the one for testing the new bad guy AI. Circle is a placeholder. In rest of the game chompers are indeed the only enemy. There's more of them spawned if your score grows.

Controller: you need to press button on it to reactivate controller.

Settings for visual effects: whatever suits you... you can try tweaking the desaturate outside the range (e.g. set it to -10) , other parameters can also be set outside range. All parameters are immediately visible so you can really tweak.

Surround sound: try the solution for using it with external music player, if you want surround effects on your music.

No multiplayer: indeed. Eventually I'll release second game and it'll have multiplayer.

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oh, i just bought this game, you cant just make an update for it instead of annother game?
thanks, and what do u mean by button the senter logitech button?
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