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Pauses every time there's an explosion

So, I'm playing on Windows 7 32-bit, I have a Radeon HD 3870, latest drivers (earlier driver releases had the same problem). Every time there's an explosion on screen (banana bomb, Kamikaze death) the game freezes for about a second while the sound effect plays, every single time. Needless to say, this makes the game unplayable. I've tried all the options in the Video menu. Anyone else having this problem? Any workarounds?
Also, I saw in another post someone mentioned opening the console. how do you do this? I found shift-~ opens up the 'Cheats' menu and lets me type things in, but I can't enter numbers, and that post mentioned entering numbers to change the resolution.
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That almost sounds to me like a loading problem with the sound effect, not necessarily anything video-related. How much RAM is in the system? Also, try verifying the game cache and make sure Steam shows little or no fragmentation for the game files. Shut down background programs to see if that makes a difference, too. Otherwise, I would open a trouble ticket on it.
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Like fuller asked, how much RAM do you have? Are any other programs running? How much harddrive space is left? There is no "don't load audio" but I could put one in if nothing else works. I've not heard of this issue before, sorry it's happening.
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