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Angry Don't buy for a laptop

Do not get this game if you're hoping to run it on a laptop. It says in small print at the bottom of the store page that it's not guaranteed to work on notebook computers, and at least on my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, it definitely doesn't. The menus have horrible graphics glitches, and the actual missions won't load - the game just freezes on the loading screen. Hopefully I can run it on a 32-bit Windows XP desktop, though.
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What? Laptops are computers too. So the small print are saying this won't work on a desktop?

Laptop = desktop computer modified into portable and smaller.
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I have no problem running it on my laptop nor on my previous one.
It probably depends on the hardware.
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Almost all games say that laptops aren't supported. It doesn't mean you can't run the game though. It just means that if you have a problem then you can't expect help from the makers of the game. It's a lot of bull seeing as how a ton of people game on laptops now. I haven't owned a desktop computer in almost five years. I can play almost every game though as long as my laptop has the horse power.
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