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Lightbulb If your mp3's sound like poo in this game, try this...

Since the game uses FFdshow codecs to convert on the fly, you can try changing the output to 32bit floating point conversion instead of 16 bit integer. The instructions go like this:

1. Start the game up and start playing an mp3 in it. If you had the same experience I did, you'll hear compressed sounding garbage that sounds like a 1997 Realplayer file. Pause it and tab out of the game.

2. Look in your task manager for a blue FFdshow codec box. If you mouse over it, it should say "Audio decoder" or some such thing. Right click on it and go to the properties or configure option, I can't remember what it was.

3. Look through the left panel of settings until you see output. Click on output, and then uncheck 16-bit integer, and check 32-bit floating point. Press OK (if there is one).

4. Go back to the game and start playing the music again. It should sound as crisp and clear as it does in your winamp library. Rejoice! Now get that Sore Throat achievement (map 1, display 4).
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